New eats: Denny’s finally opens in PH

Started in 1953 in Lakewood, California, Denny's has grown to become one of the largest franchises worldwide with 1,700 locations and counting, including restaurants in Canada, Mexico, Japan, New Zealand and Qatar. The American diner partnered with the Bistro Group of Restaurants to bring Denny’s to the Philippines. 

“We feel that the Philippines is quite ready for a 24/7 restaurant,” explained Jam Olaes, director for operations of the Bistro Group, which also brought other US brands like TGIFriday’s, Texas Roadhouse and Buffalo Wild Wings to the country.

Located in an area with several contact centers, popular bars and clubs, as well as office buildings and residential condominiums, Denny’s in Uptown Parade aims to become the go-to place for anyone who needs their breakfast fix any time of the day or night in Taguig.

“Everybody is welcome in Denny’s. In the US, construction workers, yuppies, or families come in. It’s the same concept that we want to have here in the Philippines — that we’re always available to serve any of our guests,” added Olaes. 


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